Sunday, November 13, 2016

Kaptin Nazdur Mekduruk & Da Oddgitz

Painted for the Sotavasara-forum's November painting happening, Marrasmaalaus II. Theme was triad, which meant limited, contrasting colour palette. Choice of colours were (as you can see) green, violet, and orange.

This'll be the official start of my 40k 2nd edition ork army, though this mob still needs at least three additional freebooters. I'm planning on playing Kaptin Nazdur by Kaptin Badrukk's rules, which makes the plasma pistol mighty special one, having the stat line of Ogryn Rippergun. The box on his (her? it's?) belt contains an alien force field generator Nazdur looted from some dead weirdo on a long forgotten battlefield and it counts as ork 'eavy armour. Mekduruk means "clever forcefield" and it certainly is a bit different from the clunky, sparkling, short-circuiting ork forcefields.